Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas Smorga-Something!

So...if you know me you know I can't spell worth a hoot...and had trouble spelling smorgasbord in the title of this post. I's really not that hard of a word...Smor--which I love to eat over the open fire with choco and warm toasty mallows. Gas--well, we all use it or pass it, right?? Bord--wish I was bored more often but I keep pretty busy and don't have time to get bored...smorgasbord...did I get it??? Shew!!

You will have the opportunity to join me for a card smorgasbord on Thursday, November 19th. We will meet at 7 at my house. You will relish in dipping your fingers into the ink to taste 4 different cards, making a total of 10 cards in any combo you so choose (As long as supplies last for that particular card. The chance to make each card design will be on a first come first make basis). The cost of the class will be $15. If there are extra cards, you may choose to add more cards to your group of 10 and pay $1.50 per additional card.

Below are the samples. Please call to sign up. I have limited space this time due to some changes we are making in our home, but could work with 8 or 10 ladies. Remember, you can always make SMOR cards above and beyond your 10....I know we will have a GAS at this event (just don't pass it)...and you won't get BORD for one minute! Come join us!!! Call now or reply to this post or e-mail.



Chef Mama Lori said...

Bethy, you got it! Promise you won't be sharing the GAS part while you make cards. snicker, snicker. Ya, dontcha know the Svedes, ve like da smorgasbord. I miss graham crackers. S'mores just aren't the same on a rice cake.

Traci M said...

I am bored, but I don't want no gas, so as long as we can open the windows, I'll be there...I wish! Cute cards, Beth...hope you get a great turn-out!

peggysue said...

Wish I could be there . . . with an open window of course, but those cards are lovely! I think the blue one and the kraft are my favorites.