Saturday, February 28, 2009

Celebrate Spring PSF Dork Style!

Are you getting ready for Spring....I am soooooo ready!! All these icky germs just have to BE GONE! Seems we are all getting sick between our family and the daycare kids. I hope this card will cheer us up and get us all ready for that bunny, those yummy eggs, and SPRING!

Here is a card I made for a swap on Splitcoast. There are a group of us called the Travelling Dork Sisters...we are dorks and have the funniest dork stories to share. Our dorkiness brought us together. Then there is another group on Splitcoast called The Pretend Stamping Friends. Our two groups were brought together on a group project....and being the dork, I can't remember what it was....secret elfs, surprise friends, something fun.....well, we all got along so well that we started swapping amongst our own two groups. We love our Pretend Stamping Friends and they are really Dorks in disguise. We have a lot of fun.

Inky Stampadoodles 2nd Party!

Here are a few shots of the girls busy at work. Aren't their creations lovely? They did a super job!!

Working hard on their frames!

The finished frames! They are soooo fun! We left one side undone so the girls could get their pics in in the morning. The birthday girls' mom took photos of the party and they were going to add them after they got developed. Cute, cute!

Busy at work on their stationary folders.

The finished folders with all their goodies.
Pocket Full of Friends!
A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Birthday Girl!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photo Frame

I found the coolest Sizzix die cut at Joann's this weekend. Strike a FRAME! Wait,I think that is supposed to be Strike a Pose. Well, if you strike a pose, take your pic, you can put it in your frame! LOL! I made this as a sample for my Inky Stampadoodles birthday parties. I have a party this Friday and the girls wanted to make frames. I found some cute papers with dots and glitter, etc...(the girls are 8-9), papers that are cutzie.....and I think they will enjoy making these. I thought I might put this up somewhere in our house and we have this burgundy color in our family room. I also remember at a Stamp Camp I went to years ago, my lovely demo, Nicole Witzig, had us make a similar type hanging frame. It had 3 'frames' and was so cute. So, this is my take on her take! :)
The top photo is of the boys a few Easter's ago. The bottom is of us last March when we had our exchange student, Dennis with us from Germany.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Birthday Wishes!

Made this 5x5 for one of my little daycare guys, Gabe. He turned 1 on Friday but has been sick on and off...poor little guy. So, hope this cheers him up along with his new Little People toys :)

This was my first time to experiement with much doodling and dotting around the edges. My friends, LindaB and Mothermark, inspire me so much with their details...I had to try a few of my own. Now, mind you, my cards are NOTHING like theirs...I sill have a long way to go, baby! But, it's more than I normally would have done.

To check out Linda and Cindy's blogs go here:

My friend, Peggysue, just started her blog on Valentine's Day. You should check out her items too....amazing!

All these girls are really talented artists! I'm so lucky to know so many wonderful stampers out there....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rock and Roll 50's Style

Elvis! Elvis! One of the members at my parents church is a wonderful Elvis impersonator. His sweetie wife, Dawn, is one of my best (and favorite-est) customers and we have a great on-line friendship. She throws a big "Fan Club" party for her hubby every year and this year her theme is centered around The 50's. She wanted me to make the centerpieces for their party. Well, I LOVE Elvis...was even in his fan club when I was in the 5th grade. AND, went to see him in Shreveport, LA in the 70's. Was a great concert. So, I'm thrilled to be able to do this for them.
I used my nestabilites to cut the scalloped circles on both sides. Then made them into a 'spinner' card by smashing a piece of string between two albums, and taping the string inside the cutouts so it spins.... you know, gives it that Twist and Shout effect. The rest of the images I got off of my clipart since I don't have any 50's type stamps. They stand by themselves in an A-framed fashion.

Here is Brent's website so you can check it out! And, Dawn, aka. Fruitloop, thanks for letting me create these for you.....Love you, Cheerio!

Now, when is the big party? I'm crashing it! :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bundle for Babies!

I have several friends, including my sister, that are pregnant. Today I went to one of their showers. It was really a great time and we managed to totally surprise the mom. The look on her face was sweet. Anyway, she's pregnant with twins so this is what I made her. The babies nursery is done in brown, blue and pink with a giraffe and monkey painted on the wall. It's really too cute so I hope mom can use this tin for those precious keepsakes like locks of hair, those first lost teeth, special keepsakes. But, for now, the tin is filled with Thank You's for her to use for some of her baby gifts. I also made a set of the cards for my sister...but they are keeping his name a secret so can't post his cards till after he's born! :) You'll just have to sit on pins and needles till the end of the month! If you are interested in ordering a similar tin for any type of occasion, just let me know. Prices range from $35-$50 depending if you want cards inside and how detailed you want the tin.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Centerpiece Samples

Hello everyone! Spring is coming and that seems to be the time for weddings, weddings and more weddings! A friend of a friend of mine is interested in some centerpieces for their wedding. She wanted photo collages incorporated and her colors are lavendar and light green. Here are a few samples I came up with for her.