Saturday, October 31, 2009

Altered Tins!

I love making these altered tins for people. I made this set for a customer. I'd put more details but don't want to give away the Christmas present..I doubt it will be found here but you never know.

The tin comes with 4 matching cards and my customer wants to add 8 more cards from my card bins. A tin like this sells for $35 with 8 cards (matching or other), and $45 with 12 cards.

You can custom order these tins in colors, themes, with names or monograms on them......just let me know! :)


Traci M said...

Oh, love those bright colors and cool card layouts Beth...your friend will be so thrilled!
Bout time you showed up here. :)

peggysue said...

I also am a big fan of your color choices for this. I am sure she will really like this set I know I would! And yes, nice to see you post again!

Laura Fluke said...

This is such an awesome gift!!! The colors are great and anyone that receives this gift will be a lucky, lucky person! Great work!

One Picky Family said...

The colors you chose are just amazing. You did an outstanding job! A+