Monday, November 24, 2008

My Ribbon!!!!!

Well, I set out on an organizational adventure yesterday. I needed to tackle my ribbon. I had gotten a new big basket to keep all my spools in and a few smaller containers of ribbon. But.....I had all these scraps of ribbon that I didn't want to get rid of. As I was cleaning out my box I saw one stray piece of ribbon wrapped around a cardboard thingy. I must have gotten this piece of ribbon in a swap or as a RAK because it wasn't one that I did myself. So, upon looking closer, I saw it was a SU punch out that the person used to make the 'spool'. YIPPY.....I have this punch! And, I had some old scraps of coardboard so was able to make lots and lots of punched out spools for my scraggly stray pieces of ribbon. I'm so excited!!!!

Here's the MESS!

And here is the SU punch and all my little punchouts!!!!

Here's my small box of ribbon and all my organized new spools!!!

Ahhhhh, doesn't that look nice and neat??? Fits right under my new table that I got for my stamp area.

Here's my new organzied (well, for now) area...see the ribbon box?? And see the wooden piece of 'art' on the wall?? My mom gave that to me a while back..I made it when I was a very young girl. I figured since it was one of my first pieces of 'art', I should honor it and hang it in my stamp area!!!
Here it is upclose. It's just felt pieces glued onto a piece of wood..cute, eh???

Now, can someone help me with my scrap box????? Ack!

Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm so excited. I had my first craft booth ever tonight! It was really fun and I made my booth money back in sales plus a little more! YIPPY! Now, the sales tomorrow will be gravy...that would be turkey gravy over dressing for sure!!! My neighbor friend helped me tonight and was such a super helper. She teaches at the school and was pulling people over to the booth. She's such a sales person! Tomorrow should be fun, too. My sis is helping me out. It wouldn't be near as much fun with out Elizabeth and Lisa to help me out! Thanks girls!!! Just thought I'd share a pic!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Lady of Grace Raffle Basket!

I'm having a booth at a craft holiday bazaar this weekend and one of the 'deals' to be in the show is to provide a basket of goodies for a fundraiser raffle for the school in the spring. Here is my donation.
And here are the details for the bazaar! I hope some of you will make it to the event. There should be some good shopping and some fantastic fun!
Friday November 21st 5-9
Saturday November 22 10-2
Location: Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church/School
NW corner of SR37 and 191st Street in Noblesville, IN
Free Admission

Monday, November 17, 2008

Edgewood High School Class of '83 Reunion

Wow, I'm feeling so old this weekend. I went back home for my 25th High School Graduation Reunion. It was great to hook up with old friends and I'm sure some of them I haven't seen in the 25 years since we left school. There were about 30 of us in attendance which was great but there were many that I would have loved to have seen that were not there. Below is a pic from the weekend as well as one from 1983!!!! If you double click on the pics, you can get a larger view.

Grad Reunion 2008 Kathy Headdy, Jackie MacIntyre, Teresa Brannon, Beth Altman and Pam Kasasiah
Graduation night 1983 left to right....Teresa Brannon, Deb Metzger, Regina Pryor, Ellen Lepine and me, Beth Altman.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Rite is Just Right!

Made this card with my Just Rite stamper. I love the mini letters that you can put on your stamp to say whatever you want to say. I think the personalization is JUST RIGHT! I used my Nestabilities to cut the rectangle in the card so I could put the pic in. I was wondering a few days ago it the nesties would work for this type of card. The hole is a bit small and it took me a while to find JUST the RIGHT picture....but it worked. It's an older pic of the boys...but is a great card to demo what this little Just Rite stamper can do.

Mind you, though, if you branch out and get this stamper...the letters are ITTY BITTY as in so itty bitty that you pretty much have to use tweezers to get them off the tray and onto the stamp. And, you might as well forget it if one goes flying willy nilly out of the will likely NEVER find it. I've lost an A already. But, there are plenty in the set...which ist JUST RIGHT for this dork! :)

Check out Just Rite at

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Communion or Baptism Cards

Several of my friends are Catholic and encouraged me to make up a small set of First Communion invitations and cards. These could also be used for a baptism, too. Such a special time in a persons life when they make that commitment to Christ. I hope my cards will touch their lives and walk with the Lord in a special way.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6 Boxes of 10!!!

Shew! I just finished up making 6 boxes of 10 cards each. Was really lots of fun and I hope my client likes them. They are Christmas gifts for her family. The plastic boxes came from PaperTrey Inc.