Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Everyone and Happy Almost Thanksgiving!! I almost forgot to post this info and am a day or two behind! So goes my life! SU is having a huge sale..HUGE...many items are 30-40-50% off. SU is offering some very cool and special bundles that some of you might be interested in.
The Four Square Bundle retails for $30.90 in the catalog and is selling as a bundle for $15.45. One can NOT get enough scalloped punches and this one is a great one!
The Pendante Note Bundle sells in the catalog (items bought individually) for $39.85 on sale now as a bundle for $27.90. I personally LOVE these notecards!!!!
Catalog price for the Sock Mokney Set bought individually is $58.85. On SALE now for $35.31. Geez, I love that little feller.
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