Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mr. Brown Has Come to Town!!

Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown has come to town.

He should be, he should be,

He should be at my street!

I'm beat, I'm beat

From pacing on my feet!

Where is that Mr. Brown, I say!

My SU box should come TODAY!

I can't wait! I can't wait!

This is supposed to be the date!

Oh where, oh where

Where is my dashing Mr. Brown??

As you can tell, I'm waiting, and pacing and looking out my window and listening to the roaring of the UPS truck buzzing down our street (that I can NOT hear yet). This is the day that a BIG ORDER is supposed to come in. I'm getting ansy, I'm getting loopy, I want my SU order!!! Patience is not one of my virtures! he here yet?????


Chef Mama Lori said...

Oh dear! Oh dear!
I thought your order was here!

What's that you say?
He's not come today?

Where is that man? Go, man, go! Go to Beth's house I say!
Don't you know Beth wants to play?

She needs her paper and stamps and inks! She needs them in browns and blues and pinks!

Go to her house! Go to her house NOW!

Oh, dear! Oh, Dear!
The answer is very clear.
You must kick Mr. Brown in his rear.

Karen Lynn said...

I wish I could rhyme like that! maybe I will go buy a bat!

peggysue said...

I think you're batty enough already,
don't add more, you'll be unsteady.

Beth has finally got her toys
and stamps and ink, all kind of joys

We all wish we could have Mr. Brown
Pull up with a box in our own town.