Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mr. Brown CAME!!! And Workshop Samples are DONE!

Mr. Brown came!!!! (And you really need to go read the comment on the previous post....Hilarious rhyme from Chef Mama).

Here are the samples for our Stamp-A-Stack that is coming up on the 23rd of this month.

Here are the details of the class. I have room for 10 ladies so sign up now!!!

Stamp-A-Stack of Thank You's

At this workshop we will be stamping a stack of 10 Thank You cards. We will make 5 each of the two samples. These can be used for your personal use or given away as a teacher gift at the beginning of the school year.

Date: Thursday, July 23rd
Time: 7:00-9:00
Fee: $15 for the 10 cards plus a free clear plastic card box. This comes out to ONLY $1.50 a card...can't buy a Hallmark for anywhere near that. (Envelopes not included)


Chef Mama Lori said...

Oh yes! Mr. Brown has been to see you!
Now you aren't feeling so blue.

Did you see him drive his truck?
Were you afraid you were out of luck?

He drove, drove, drove, drove that truck. He drove and did not stop, stop, stop until your doorstep had packs on top!

Oh, Mr. Brown, we are so glad for you,
But next time you know what to do.
You must hurry, drive fast, fast FAST!
So our Miss Beth can have a blast!

BethH said...

I love you, Seuss Mama! You crack me up! You is a darn good poet and didn't know it! I think you knew it! You are on to it! And, I just blew it! Heheheh...we be big bad dorks!

Karen Lynn said...

WAAHHH! I still can't rhyme like that! I still haven't bought my bat!

Catrules said...

Beth great cards!!!!

peggysue said...

You all are cracking me up!
Lori, I think you need to enter a poetry contest!

Traci M said...

Yes, Lori has missed her true calling, but she is good at entertaining all of us!!
Very cute cards Beth, wish you lots of customers, who wouldn't want to come and make up these cute projects??

Laura Fluke said...

I LOVE your cards!!! The samples are great! Again- I wish I could come and stamp with you!!! I have soooo much to learn! Happy Monday Beth!