Monday, November 24, 2008

My Ribbon!!!!!

Well, I set out on an organizational adventure yesterday. I needed to tackle my ribbon. I had gotten a new big basket to keep all my spools in and a few smaller containers of ribbon. But.....I had all these scraps of ribbon that I didn't want to get rid of. As I was cleaning out my box I saw one stray piece of ribbon wrapped around a cardboard thingy. I must have gotten this piece of ribbon in a swap or as a RAK because it wasn't one that I did myself. So, upon looking closer, I saw it was a SU punch out that the person used to make the 'spool'. YIPPY.....I have this punch! And, I had some old scraps of coardboard so was able to make lots and lots of punched out spools for my scraggly stray pieces of ribbon. I'm so excited!!!!

Here's the MESS!

And here is the SU punch and all my little punchouts!!!!

Here's my small box of ribbon and all my organized new spools!!!

Ahhhhh, doesn't that look nice and neat??? Fits right under my new table that I got for my stamp area.

Here's my new organzied (well, for now) area...see the ribbon box?? And see the wooden piece of 'art' on the wall?? My mom gave that to me a while back..I made it when I was a very young girl. I figured since it was one of my first pieces of 'art', I should honor it and hang it in my stamp area!!!
Here it is upclose. It's just felt pieces glued onto a piece of wood..cute, eh???

Now, can someone help me with my scrap box????? Ack!


Lindam530 said...

Sorry, I cannot help you with your scrap box, it looks just like mine...LOL! Good Luck! Love how you organized your ribbons though :0)

Laura Fluke said...

That is an awesome idea... thanks for sharing it! And the box-good luck, I have the same thing.