Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Rite is Just Right!

Made this card with my Just Rite stamper. I love the mini letters that you can put on your stamp to say whatever you want to say. I think the personalization is JUST RIGHT! I used my Nestabilities to cut the rectangle in the card so I could put the pic in. I was wondering a few days ago it the nesties would work for this type of card. The hole is a bit small and it took me a while to find JUST the RIGHT picture....but it worked. It's an older pic of the boys...but is a great card to demo what this little Just Rite stamper can do.

Mind you, though, if you branch out and get this stamper...the letters are ITTY BITTY as in so itty bitty that you pretty much have to use tweezers to get them off the tray and onto the stamp. And, you might as well forget it if one goes flying willy nilly out of the will likely NEVER find it. I've lost an A already. But, there are plenty in the set...which ist JUST RIGHT for this dork! :)

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Laura Fluke said...

I think I need to hire you to do my Christmas Cards... =)!