Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall BOO Boxes!!

I just made my first nugget tin! Not ever ventured here before but they really the easiest treat boxes to make and look, ohhhhh, soooo booooo-ey! These are for our boy's bus driver and teachers. The pillow boxes perfectly hold 1 little prepackaged store bought bag of candy corn. The larger tins hold 12 nuggets, the small tin holds 8. And, the place card...well, is a place card for a special Halloween Party or Thanksgiving dinner!

Prices: Pillow box $2.00, Small Tin $3.00, Large Tin $4.00, matching card $1.50, place card $.50. E-mail or post here if you'd like to order any of these items.

1 comment:

Laura Fluke said...

These are sooo stinking cute!!! What a neat idea for the drivers. I want to get back to creating things again. Not sure when this will ever happen! Great job!