Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Hubby!!

Today is my hubby's birthday! The boys and I had a great time making a few cards this afternoon. They always enjoy getting into my stamps..but they sure do make a mess of them! LOL! It's worth it though.

I pulled out an old set, Pines, that I wish SU had not retired. I just can't give up my bear! I hope my hubby likes his bear and enjoys the pun inside: Happy Bearthday!" I know, I know...bad pun but I just couldn't resist. Do you think people would buy a card with a corny pun like that inside? I made 3 more! LOL! I hope someone else appreciates my dorkiness!

The boys used a Sweet N Sassy stamp set for their knights in shining armor. They are the 'protectors of the cake!'. I'm sure Doug will get a kick out of the card.

Happy Birthday, Doug!!! We love you!!


Traci M said...

Aww...cute, Miss Beth!! I mean, manly yes, but I like it, too!!:)
Karen had made me some of the images from The Pines set and we used them to make all kinds of fun things for Steamboat when the girls came to stamp. I still have the cutest notebook that Cindy made, reminded me of this! Happy Birthday to Doug!

ashjoy said...

Very cute Beth!

Happy Birthday Mr Hartley!