Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kid Art!

I am usually on here sharing my artwork but I had to share my boys' artwork today. Our oldest is 9 and his art teacher was talking about Laurel Bench--who I had no idea who she was. So I looked her up and she puts beautiful colors and art on bags and scarves. The art teacher showed the kids a poster of the art that is on this bag.

This was the inspiration for the kids art class. Now, I could certainly use a beautiful bag like this but I REALLY could use a bag with art on it like this.......

Isn't it stunning? I just love it. Our 9 year old freehanded the horses, then used a white crayon to draw on the white designs, then watercolored the page. The paper feels like water color paper, I believe. This technique is used on cards that I make and it's called Crayon Resist. I'm trying to think if I have any card photos using this technique...I'll have to search and I'll add it in if I can find one. I love making cards using this technique, just haven't thought of it in a while. But, my son is inspiring me!

Then our youngest had to share his work too.....he's 6. So here is his fun artwork for winter. I love the colors on this bright and PURPLE. I love purple.

Well, I'm proud of my boys! I love them both and am glad to see that they enjoy art like their mama. It stems from further back than dad used to paint on and off and we have some of his beautiful work, and my mom is quite creative too. As well as an avid stamper and scrapper, she used to sew all the time when we were kids...she even made her wedding dress that I was able to wear in my wedding 30 some years later. My hubby's side has some creative skills too. He loves creating miniture items for games and collections. His sister is a great stamper/painter too. I hope we can all use whatever gifts God has given each one of us to His glory.


Karen Lynn said...

That is a great drawing, Beth. It is amazing what they can do at such a young age!

Chef Mama Lori said...

Beth, I love it! You have quite the artists growing in your house. About getting THAT art onto a bag, I can think of one way to do it easily. And the wheels are turning for more ideas! LOL!

Traci M said...

Beth, I still have a couple of drawings like this that I framed from when our girls took a painting class...I was always stunned at what they could do!
The bright colors are so pretty, and the purple scene, well, it is how winter feels to me sometimes too! Thanks for sharing!

Toni said...

oh beth...i love both of the boys drawings...but wowzer those horses are incredible...i am sooo loving them,that would make a beautiful print to hang on the wall. I see a couple of artists in the future.