Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Baby Tin!

I feel so lucky to have so many on-line sisters and one of them is a lady whom I love dearly! She and I have commented so many times that we wish we were neighbors...especially when I ran my daycare so we could be support for each other In Real Life! My friend, Laura, asked me to make a tin w/ Thank You's for her new baby girl that could be born any day now. Here is the tin and It's in the mail!!!

If you'd like to check out Laura's blog...go to

Laura is an amazing Christian lady who is a wonderful mama to almost 4 girls and several others in her daycare each day. Hope you like this, Laura!!! I had soooo much fun making it for you and Kendal!!


peggysue said...

That is an adorable tin Beth, you have such a way with 3-D altered items. I an sure she is going to love it!

Lindam530 said...

Very nice Beth, great idea, she will LOVE it!

Traci M said...

Those colors are so cute, and isn't it fun to be able to personalize the cards and wonder these are so popular, Beth!!