Saturday, February 28, 2009

Celebrate Spring PSF Dork Style!

Are you getting ready for Spring....I am soooooo ready!! All these icky germs just have to BE GONE! Seems we are all getting sick between our family and the daycare kids. I hope this card will cheer us up and get us all ready for that bunny, those yummy eggs, and SPRING!

Here is a card I made for a swap on Splitcoast. There are a group of us called the Travelling Dork Sisters...we are dorks and have the funniest dork stories to share. Our dorkiness brought us together. Then there is another group on Splitcoast called The Pretend Stamping Friends. Our two groups were brought together on a group project....and being the dork, I can't remember what it was....secret elfs, surprise friends, something fun.....well, we all got along so well that we started swapping amongst our own two groups. We love our Pretend Stamping Friends and they are really Dorks in disguise. We have a lot of fun.


Tracey said...

This is adorable Beth!! I need to get moving now...CARP - March is TOMORROW. eek. Seeing this, I can't wait to get my swaps!!! YAY

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee..."dorks in disguise." I represent that! :)

Toni said...

is this your dork psf swap?

awwwww! not suppose to share until it is time, DORK....i love your card!

Chef Mama said...

LOVE IT! Tracey's ahead of me, she realized it was March BEFORE March! LOL! This is so cute! I had planned on using those EXACT same colors! Isn't that funny, twin? I think now, though, that I'll be doing a whole different card that hopped into my mind!