Saturday, January 31, 2009

Inky Stampadoodles' First Party

Last night was a total blast! I hosted my first Inky Stampadoodles party for my neighbor friend. She had a birthday party and wanted me to come and be 'the thing'. So, I came up with some craft ideas from my Inky Stampadoodles stuff and here is what we did. You can see my samples in the post previous to this one. I love what the girls came up with and how different each of their items are even when we all used the same supplies. I think they had a great time. I know I sure did!
So, if you have a daughter between the ages of 8-13, I'd love to come and share my Inky Stampadoodles party fun!

The girls and I working hard on the projects!

The gang! Well, most of them!

They really got in to helping each other out which is awesome!

I love this pic! Everyone is sooo engrossed and working very hard!

A close up of a very hard worker!

Finished Products! Aren't they adorable? Just too cute. Great work, girls!

And a very Happy Birthday to our Birthday Girl!


Toni said...

Wow! This is sooooo awesome! Beth what an incredible job you did with the girls. The projects were adorable. And the smiles on the girls faces. WOW :)

Laura Fluke said...

That is awesome Beth--- What a great idea, September 18th- you are doing my birthday...can you find your way to Kansas then??? They look like they are having a blast! Great Job!