Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fun Times! Fun Neighbors! Fun Cards!

We are so very fortunate to live on our street. The wife of our neighbors to our left is from Japan.  She is an angel. She watched out kids before and after school for a few years when I first started teaching school.  Now, this spring, we got some new neighbors on the other side. Guess from where?? Japan!!  This is Yumi and her daughter on the left.  Our neighbor to the left of us had to work on this day but her girls came to my class.  They are Elika and Yumi.  Their mum, Yoshimi, did join us later. But, I was so thrilled to know our new neighbor on the right is a big stamper crafter card maker!!  She speaks little English but is learning.  Elika did lots of interpreting for me!  But, with crafters...all we need to do is point and show, smile and craft. 

I'm so thrilled to have a new neighbor, one that is from Japan (and how cool is it that my two neighbors are Japanese and can be great friends!!!), one that is a crafter and card maker.  And the food that comes out at our street get togethers is simply amazing!!!

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