Friday, October 21, 2011

Retirement Card

I love making personalized cards for people that I love! This is Jim and Nadine above. They ran our church camp for 30 years and retired a few weeks ago. Our family is connected to them in so many ways. First, we loved them because we loved church camp. I went every summer as a kid!! And once we got to know them, we loved them because they are amazing servants in His kingdom and took many kids under their wings over the years. My dad was a Dean for a week every summer at church camp. He's a minister so loved doing this. I worked at camp one or two summers along with several of my siblings. Jim and Nadine's 3 boys were our good that I chummed around with in college at IU, cut his hair on occasion and still adore to this day. One son my sister married and I'm proud to be Auntie Beth to their boys!! My dad and Jim would take day trips to Cincinnati just to eat Skyline Chili before Skyline was big and branched out into Indiana. Nadine is such a dear lady. I don't think I've ever heard her say a negative word about anyone. She was my 'mom' of sorts when I was in college and my parents were overseas in Zimbabwe. Well, I could go on and on get the idea how special these people are in my life.

I took the photos off the invitation flyer that was sent to us about their retirement party.

This is the inside of the card. That is their family photo taken years ago. I hope their boys don't kill me for this! LOL! I'm sure I owe them for some prank they played on me years back! Ha! I hope this special card will be a special rememberance to Jim and Nadine and will remind them of the impact they had on lots of peoples lives. Thanks, Jim and Nadine! Love you to pieces!!!

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