Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Brings forth Graduations!

Here are 2 cards I made today. I love personalizing cards and when I get a fun Graduation announcement in the mail that I can cut apart and recycle for a neat Grad card I'm all up for it!!! These turned out a little blurry and I'm not sure why. I took multiple pics of each and this was as good as I could get. I hope our camera is not biting the dust! Ugh!

I would be happy to make your personalized Grad cards if you wish. Just bring me the announcement or notice, picture, or mascot off the school website and we'll be in business! Cards range from $3.00-$4.00.

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BethH said...

My friend, TraciM, left this message on this post but I was moderating from my iphone and the buttons are so danged small that I pushed reject rather than accept...what a dork! Here's what she wrote,
"Beth, that's a great idea to personalize grad cards by using the announcements. And those announcements are not cheap either! I like your color combos in this...very nice!!"

Thanks, sweetie!