Monday, June 29, 2009

Freedom Festival Photos!!!

Hello everyone!!!! Just wanted to check in and let you see the fun I had this weekend at the Fishers Freedom Festival. I had a great was HOT one day and WINDY the next but it wasn't RAIN so I was a happy stampin' chic! Lots of people stopped by the booth (Thanks to those of you reading this that DID pop in..I so appreciate seeing you, meeting you, connecting with you!), lots took business cards and info. and I'm excited to see where this all goes. And, BIG thanks to my sweet friends who helped me at the booth and gave me some good company and coverage for potty breaks! LOL!

As for now, I'm sending in my app for the Christmas in October event here in Fishers. It's a upscale craft show where people who attend have to pay a fee to get in to shop! I'm hoping I can get my foot in the door this year.

Here are a few pics of the weekend!
Zaaaa Booth

A few items, tiles, framed art, scrapbook!

Tiles and Wedding stuffs!

The display and baskets of cards to the right!

Me pretending to be a Price is Right girl!


Toni said... the set up...i am really proud of you

Karen Lynn said...

Beth, how cool is that! It looks wonderful. So much work went into that!
Good job on your first gig.

peggysue said...

IT all looks very good, how nicely set up. Vanna better watch out!

Lindam530 said...

Nice job Beth!

Traci M said...

Don't you look lovely...oh and your tables and display board...wowee!! This looks like an incredible amount of work. I sure hope you do get into the next one too, Beth! Glad you had a good time...

Mazhar Hussain Shah said...

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Chef Mama Lori said...

I agree with Mazhar, Beth. It is a really nice set up. I think the Freedom Festival is a really nice idea to celebrate America, too.

Zafran ali said...

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