Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lil' Peanut is Ready For Spring!

She is sooo excited...just look at her holding that flower.....flowers, spring, green grass, birds singing! We are so ready, and so is Lil' Peanut.

I found Lil' Peanut at Stampers Dream here:

She's sooo adorable. Hey, maybe it's a he?? Hummm....anyway, IT'S sooo adorable!


Laura Fluke said...

I am in love with this card- My middle child Kadyn (4 years old) has a thing for elephants. It so reminds me of her! What a cute idea!!! Thanks for posting your creative gift!

mynee said...

Very cute card. By the way, I love elephants. They're so much cuter than donkeys! Hee hee hee...