Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My First Day on the Blog!

Well, I did it. I've started a new side business, Hartley Handcrafted @ Home, and thought I might want to blog. Now, what do I do???

I've just completed my first 'job' on a scrapbook for a neighbor. She wanted me to create her darling daughters 1st year scrapbooks. She had all the photos organized for me so it was rather easy and FUN. Now, I would like another job or two. My other neighbor plays the harp for special events...weddings, conferences, special she's taking my business cards and a few samples to her events so maybe I can get a few wedding invitaition jobs. I'm so excited.

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naner0331 said...

Took me long enough, but I'm finally commenting on your brand new blog. Congratulations, Beth, and best wishes on your new venture! Love ya.